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Roflumilast (trade names Daxas, Daliresp) is a drug that acts as a selective, long-acting inhibitor of the enzyme phosphodiesterase-4 (PDE-4). It has anti-inflammatory effects and is used as an orally administered drug for the treatment of inflammatory conditions of the lungs such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).In June 2010, it was approved in the EU for severe COPD associated wit


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Specialty Representative, CNS (Former Employee) says

"This was undoubtably oone of the worst companies in this industry that I have ever worked for. Pay below industry norms, and managers who started right out of college, Cons: Everything"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"The culture of this company is the worst of the worst. They are only focused on the bottom line - not customers or patients. Management insists the reps collect 8-10 signatures per day regardless of whether or not the offices want the samples. They have the worst training program in the industry. They seek reps with no experience that do not know any better. Once you have worked for them, people will look down on you. Their pay is also one of the lowest in the industry as well. People get fired for no good reason. There were back stabbing reps. Cons: No job security"

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"First and last pharma job. I could not leave fast enough. Worst manager/scam artist I’ve ever worked for. He was working 4 other jobs at the same time. Cons: Dwayne Bess"

Territory Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company has the 'used car salesman' approach to pharmaceutical sales where the "pushy" selling style is supported by all management levels rather than a consultative one. Forest tends to hire those with little experience and able to pay on the lower end of the spectrum because of this. They are cutthroat and the company has an active revolving door. The hardest part of the job was the constant stress of management threatening its employers - 75% of the sales team was on some type of disciplinary action (which should be used for the bottom 25% of team). The most enjoyable part was building relationships with health offices - prescribers and office personnel. Montana has a lot of drive-time, so be prepared to get a lot of mileage in each day. The travel was 2-3 nights per week. Cons: Little support from management. Very pushy. Holds job over employees' heads."

Specialty Sales & Field Sales Trainer (Former Employee) says

"I spent 5 years there. Absolutely the worst place I have ever worked. Cons: terrible managers and regionals"

Lead Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The IT group had a weekly Friday party for those employees and contractors quiting that week."

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"This company is just not the best place to work for if you are looking for quality of life."

Specialty Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Forest subscribes to their own way of doing business. They like to hire personnel with no experience. Salary and compensation are poor for a pharmaceutical position."

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"pharmaceutical sales in a dying industry, be careful, cuts are happening at most major companies"

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"They will work you to death then place you on probation, There is no home/work balance, The bonus scale seems to change every quarter"

Territory Representative, North San Diego (Current Employee) says

"Company has strong pipeline of new products. Not place to go if you value a work life balance. Compensation is on the low end when compared to other companies. Opportunities to move up, but it typically takes a long, long time. Cons: long hours, no overtime, worklife balance"

Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"The job entails visiting providers on a daily basis selling pharmacueticals products ranging in various disease states."

FPC Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"It is a great company to work for. Co-workeers are great."

Professional Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Called on physicians in a heavily managed territory. Sales results depend heavily on the amount of managed insurance in territory. Pod structure makes it difficult to differentiate yourself from co-workers. Management follows extreme micro management and representatives not typically allowed to manage their own territory. Base salary is standard for industry."

Chemist II (Former Employee) says

"I have learned learned working in raw material FTIR, HPLC, UV instrumentaion. Cons: Very good health benefits and vacation"

Hospital Sales (Current Employee) says

"The company has become the stardard for micro-management. At least for the Western Region. This is likely top down. Some managers who stand behind their reps and refuse to micro-manage will lose thier job. Their is very little Human captial development, You have production numbers or you get a warning letter, then are put on probation followed by extreme pressure and extra admin work in hopes that you'll quit so they dont have to fire you. if you think this is a bunch of sour grapes, why does a sales force of 270 reps have a turn over rate near 40%? since March of 2011, 122 reps have left thier position. And the number is growing every week. Cons: over micro-managed in the hospital sales force"

Territory Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Company culture was "ok". But your success lives and dies with your relationship with your district manager. You tend to cater to what they are looking for rather than what your clients need."

Professional Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Good organization with the strong cardiovascular pipeline. Great cross team interactions and the possibility to achieve different levels professionally."

Professional Field Sales Rep (Former Employee) says

"This company no longer exists at Forest Pharmaceuticals because of a merger/buyout. Good compensation and benefits. Company car was provided along with a gas card"

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"Forest was recently bought by Actavis so the culture around here is rather unstable. Out of all my pharmaceutical jobs, Forest is the lowest paying company and demands the most from the representatives."